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    R & D Center

    The R & D center is the core force for the development of Shenyang photosensitive Chemical Research Institute Co.Ltd and has a number of young and middle-aged R & D personnel in their prime of life. The existing laboratory is more than 1200 square meters.In many years of organic research and development, we have accumulated a wealth of technology development and engineering research experience. At present, a complete development system has been established, including organic synthesis, structure identification, product quality testing, application performance testing and so on.

    We undertake "National Key Sci-tech Plan" project, "National Key Enterprise Technology Development Plan" project, "CSTIND Military Key Plan" project, "State Torch Program Project," " 863 "plan" of nearly 80 projects. 49 won above the provincial level rewards and one new product of nation. 

    After many years of development, four leading specialties have been formed:

    Thermal-sensitive chemicals:color developers, sensitizers, thermal-sensitive dyes, etc.

    Photosensitive chemicals : sensitizing dyes, color couplers and various additives, etc.

    Intermediates: cooperative development and production intermediates with domestic and foreign companies.

    Structure identification: unknown compounds, complex formula component analysis, as well as identification of impurities and Purification for reference standard

    Shenyang Photosensitive Chemical Research Institute Co. Ltd.
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