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    Lucky (shenyang) Technological Industries Co., Ltd.(LSTI), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenyang Research Institute of Photographic materials & Chemical Industry. It is a hi-tech enterprise engaged in the production of fine chemicals. It supplies most of photographic organic compoumds in domestic market. 

    Supported by Shenyang Research Institute of Photographic materials & Chemical Industry, LSTI owns powerful R&D abilities , and own rich practical experience accumulated in many years’ production. It has a set of mature ways of industrializing scientific payoffs rapidly. It has advanced production equipment and complete quality control system, it production capacity is 600t various kinds of organic compounds and intermediates per year. 

    Details please visit http://www.luckychem.com 


    Shenyang Photosensitive Chemical Research Institute Co. Ltd.
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    Tel:+86-24-31582256 31582257
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